Carolinian Shakespeare Festival


The Carolinian Shakespeare Festival was the highlight of many people’s summers from 1999 to 2012.  It took place in several places in New Bern North Carolina over the years.  Its final place of residence was the lovely North Carolina History Center, making it the unofficial state Shakespeare festival for those years.  Enjoy the following photos and celebrate our past programs by supporting out future ones.

For more shots & video go to Mary McGinley’s page here.

Romeo & Juliet 1999

Sarah K. Lippmann & Frank Sallo

Winter’s Tale 2000

Laura Graham, Bill Elsman, Will Peak, Jen Curfman, Bob Husson, Natalie Newman, Amanda Hayes & Erica Boehme

Twelfth Night 2002

Willie Sumner, Bill Elsman & Charles F. Wagner IV

Hamlet 2003

Carolyn Rattery, Eric Aschenbrenner