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We are looking for several actors interested in doing Devised Theater Creation work for a new project focusing on class/racial conflicts in New York during the 19th century. Training in LeCoq or Moment Work helpful but not essential.

  • •The plan is 3 sessions during the first week of August, evenings or afternoons, depending on when people are available.
  • •The place will be in a mid-town Manhattan studio at New Perspectives Theatre Company.
  • •The subject will be historical events in NYC during the 19th century dealing with class/racial conflicts. (Clippings will be provided.)
  • •The goal is to brainstorm character ideas and themes for a possible future presentation.

Contact us if you are interested.  Thank you! 

New Program “Muse Of Fire” seeks a few more company members in NYC

This fall we want to PLAY! Come join us for a workshop combining movement, experimental theater techniques, story-telling and Shakespeare (and possibly mythology)! The goal is to both have fun, discover exciting ways to tell stories and create a performance piece for the spring. Contact us if you are interested in interviewing/auditioning for a place in the company.

The Garden and Staged Readings:

The Garden is finding ways to help new theater blossom. Last summer The Garden helped our artistic director, Mary McGinley come to the aid of our former company member, playwright Noemi de la Puente. Noemi was invited to present a musical reading of her new play “Manuel versus The Statue Of Liberty” in the New York Musical Theater Festival. The reading cast is pictured above. Mary helped to organize the casting, rehearsing, marketing and ticket reservations. The result was three sold-out performances. And better still, the reading was awarded “Best Developmental Reading” and the festival has invited Noemi to come back this year for a full production of her play! Way to go, Noemi! And many thanks go out to the NMTW donors who helped support this project!

In this program, The Garden, we intend to seek out new playwrights, help them to develop their work and create events that give them exposure. We plan to team them with new directors, designers and actors. Through The Garden we hope to plant the seeds for the next generation of theater artists.

Weird Sisters Consortium

In an effort to greater fulfill our mission to create opportunities for under-represented artists, we have been developing a new program, and named it for the ladies who worked behind the scenes in the Scottish Play. We plan to seek out and promote theater groups who are creating classical work using more women in more roles with creative casting. We plan to create a forum where the various groups can get together, pool their resources and work on advocacy for gender-parity in theater. 

Last spring we helped the all-female troupe, The Manhattan Shakespeare Project stage a birthday party for Shakespeare and promote the opening of their new production of “Romeo and Juliet.” Next, we helped Judith Shakespeare Company put on a Shakespeare-A-Thon to kick off it’s new season. Besides helping as Casting Director, our own Mary McGinley got to play an Evil Queen in Pericles. This work costs money to do (scripts, binders, train fare, subway fare and coffee for those 16-hour sessions), and currently Mary is working as a volunteer. So every expense involved in doing this work is coming out of her pocket. Won’t you please help? No gift can be too small, it’s all good.

We’re celebrating both our past and our future!

For fifteen years and fourteen seasons we had the great privilege of bringing the Carolinian Shakespeare Festival to the good people of New Bern, NC. Check here to enjoy our gallery of memories of 14 seasons of great Shakespeare and fun educational programs! Many thanks to all our loyal supporters!

The Carolinian Shakespeare Festival

The Carolinian Shakespeare Festival was the highlight of many people’s summers from 1999 to 2012. It took place in several places in New Bern North Carolina over the years. Its final place of residence was the lovely North Carolina History Center, making it the unofficial state Shakespeare festival for those years. Enjoy the following photos and celebrate our past programs by supporting out future ones.

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